Unique Quality
with Production
in Adequate Press-Rooms
The Vale de Cerdeira olive oil is totally obtained under biologic production methods without application of any phyto-pharmacologics or synthesis fertilizers.

For preserving quality of olive trees these are pruned every other year.

Bottling is made in proper olive presses with biologic certification on cold conditions upto 25o Celsius. These conditions allow to maintain all the olive oil properties produced from Cobrançosa, Madural, Verdeal or Cordovil olive trees, characteristics of the high lands of the Douro river landscaping. This symbiosis confers its special, different, and its unique own taste. The olive is maintained without any type of watering and as no-irrigated groves so to grant the quality of the olives.

Azeito biológico
Vale da Cerdeira
Azeite com origem no douro
Olive oil
Azeite biológico de origem no douro
Azeite virgem extra