“Vale da Cerdeira” farm is located on the upper Douro country area in the north of PORTUGAL and was bought by Montês family in 1988.
The property contains a chapel honoring the Blessed Mary Immaculate which is located on a hill top easily identified from all the surroundings.
The previous owners left some old country houses, 40 hectares of bush, an old olive plantation, some almond trees and vineyards. The land use was one of subsistence farming and some cattle grazing.
The main transformations were made just after the acquisition. The property located on a valley ranging from 200 to 350 meters altitude, has a unique microclimate allowing different types of farming. Standing within the boundaries of the administrative area for the Oporto wine, the oldest marked area in the world, Vale da Cerdeira possesses excellent qualities for the olive oil production.
The olive plantation business increased in the beginning of this decade, occupying along with the old olive trees, an area of 15 hectares, all of which devoted to full biological production.
The option was to grant quality instead of quantity aiming to the production and distribution of olive oil from an excellent ground. To meet the purpose a press-room was incorporated and certified for cold working conditions under temperatures lower than 25º Celsius in order that all the properties and scents of this excellent nutrient are kept up.
The option was to grant quality instead of quantity