is our motto;
We produce olive oil of intense scents and tastes
Our ancestors have started the art of making olive oil, focused more in quality than in quantity. The following generations have updated and modernized their methods bearing in mind the health benefits for all consumers.

It was the heritage of this sense of responsibility that made us bet on the creation of top products such as Vale da Cerdeira biological olive oil.

In addition to the natural conditions, the transformation in a suitable press-room certified for biological production under cold conditions with temperatures lower than 25º C ensures properties and the real palate of the olive oil with intense scents and taste.
The Madural, Cobrançosa, Verdial or Cordovil breeds of olive trees original from the upper Douro area, are synonyms of quality and vigour, suitable for long time severe climates and still able to keep the capacity to obtain a unique quality of olive oil.